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5 Coaches who turned out to be controversial

There is a long list of coaches who attracted controversies during their stint with the national team.

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Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble. (Photo Source: Twitter)

In cricket, coach of the team is like a guardian of the players. He is also responsible to bring the best out of each individual. He is the one to take care of each and every player in the team. Coaches always play a big role in the performance of the team on the field from behind the doors.

It is mostly seen that the players often come into the spotlight due to their on or off the field controversy. In that case, the coaches have to come forward in support of their players and show them the right path. However, the chances of a coach getting indulged in controversy are always quite slim as they just remain active in the dressing room and practice arena with the players.

However, there is a long list of coaches, who attracted the controversy during their stint with the national team. So, here we are to tell you all about the top five coaches who turned out to be controversial.

Here’s the list:

1. Greg Chappell

Sourav Ganguly Greg Chappell
Greg Chappell. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Greg Chappell, the former Indian coach is rated as one of the most controversial mentors in the history of cricket. He was appointed as the head coach of Team India back in 2005 only on the firm recommendation of Sourav Ganguly who was impressed with the knowledge that Chapell possessed.

The first assignment of Chappell with Team India was to travel to Sri Lanka. At that time, Sourav Ganguly was not part of the team as he was suspended by ICC for six games due to slow over-rate. So, Rahul Dravid was given the charge of the team on that tour. Soon after that, Team India was scheduled to go on a tour to Zimbabwe and Dada was back in the squad after finishing his sentence. On that tour, a series of instances turned Chappell into a villain.

Chappell asked Ganguly to step down from the captaincy followed by his statement that India should field their best XI although at the expense of Sourav Ganguly. Later on, Dada openly said in the media that he was being pressurised to leave the captaincy by the management that gave air to a controversy.

Even there was a controversial instance when Chappel’s mail to BCCI got leaked in the media in which it was clearly mentioned that Sourav Ganguly was ‘mentally and physically’ unfit to lead the team. This was followed by many other controversial incidents happened in which Chappel was linked while he was the coach of Team India. In 2007, he was finally removed from the mentorship by the BCCI.

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