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Government announces further schemes to help the poor

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2020)

President Ghani said that the government has taken concrete measures to deliver aid to those in need and that the aid will soon be distributed to eligible individuals through bakeries, mosques and district councils.
Ghani emphasized that the fight against the Coronavirus in the country was going well due to preventive measures and that efforts were being made to maintain the situation and prevent it from reaching the third level, meaning disaster.
In a VTC speech, he said, “We will soon be able to provide the vulnerable people through the city’s bakeries, district administrations, mosques, rural development councils, and other institutions, with bread, food and other basic necessities.”
“Our effort is to maintain this through real and fundamental measures and to prevent us from going to the third level – disaster. In this regard, we need your [people’s] cooperation,” the president added.
According to Ghani, several other large-scale projects will soon be launched that will employ a large number of citizens and work, observing the social distancing. The details will be shared later, he said.

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