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People turn their backs on movement restrictions in Kabul

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2020)

Although the Ministry of Interior Affairs has announced serious police actions against those who do not consider the rules or restrictions, citizens are careless about the warnings and continue to commute around. On the other hand, the governor of Kabul has called for solid cooperation with the police to prevent further outbreak of the Coronavirus.
With the course of every day, the more the COVID19 threat increases in the country, the more the citizens become careless towards it. In some parts of Kabul, it seems like the virus doesn’t exist to the people at all.
“We ask you to be at home. Don’t take the disease for granted. Take the disease seriously,” said a Kabul resident.
Another Kabul resident said, “For people, it seems that there is no Corona. People have to quarantine themselves.”
“I wouldn’t leave my house unless I have the necessary work. I ask people not to leave their homes,” said another resident.
The Interior Ministry has announced to impose more serious measures to force the people to comply with the rules of the curfew.
“Once again, the Interior Ministry is urging citizens to abide by the law restricting movements, otherwise they will be dealt with harshly,” said Tariq Arian, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
Kabul Governor Yaqub Haidari also called on the people to cooperate in order for the curfew to be effective, saying: “The restrictions that have been imposed are meaningless if people do not cooperate with us.”
Police have repeatedly called for more serious actions against those who do not comply with the law banning movements, but it has not met the expectation yet.

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